Colin Wells Portraits

About me...

I am an artist living in Sydney, Australia with my fiancée and our 2 year old daughter. I was born and raised in Dubbo, in central west New South Wales.

As a child I discovered the joy of taking a pencil or crayon and creating images and pictures. I've never lost that joy. More than that, I have discovered the joy of creating artworks for others who, like myself, enjoy and treasure the result.

After High School I completed a Certificate in Drawing Fundamentals at the local T.A.F.E. college. To further my skills, I attended Hornsby Art School at Hornsby T.A.F.E, achieving a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts.

As a teenager I enjoyed creating sequential art in the form of comic books, which has served to strengthen my drawing skills. I continue this passion in my adult years, having my work appear in publications such as (Local Act Comics') Vigil, and various anthologies.

My art is realistic in style, yet still retains a "drawn" quality to it, so as not to be truly photorealistic. This is the quality that helps brings the drawing to life.